Zi’Ariel Robinson Oliver Death, Texas, 3 Texas Sisters who Drowned Were Actually Strangled, Police Say

Zi’Ariel Robinson Oliver Death, Texas – Pond – An autopsy revealed that three Texas sisters who were supposed to have drowned in their neighbor’s pond were really strangled before being discarded. On July 22, 2022, it was thought Zi’Ariel Robinson Oliver, 9, A’Miyah Hughes, 8, and Te’Mari Robinson Oliver, 5, drowned after a diving team removed their bodies from a pond on an adjacent property. But, Cass County District Attorney Courtney Shelton stated in a statement Thursday that the girls died as a result of strangling and facial lacerations. The investigation has been ongoing for eight months, and Shelton says it will continue, with her office, the Texas Rangers, and the sheriff’s office all urging anyone with information to come forward.

‘Several witness testimonies have been received, DNA testing is proceeding, and the inquiry will proceed,’ added Shelton. The district attorney made no mention of possible suspects or a motive for the killings. Zi’Ariel, A’Miyah, and Temari went missing from their Atlanta, Texas, home at 10 p.m. on July 22, prompting a multi-agency hunt for the girls. As their mother, Shommaonique Oliver, 28, was at work, a family friend kept an eye on the children and their other siblings. The babysitter reported their absence to 911. The girls were discovered in a pond along Highway 77 around 2 a.m. on July 23, according to reports.

Once a pair of shoes and other items of clothes were discovered scattered around and in the water, police focused their search on the pond. ‘We found garments about and in a pond,’ Texas Game Warden Shawn Hervey told KSLA. ‘Therefore we focused our search on that tiny body of water, and with the help of divers, we were able to recover three victims at around 2 a.m.’ A bicycle was apparently abandoned on the property, near the pond, according to video from the scene. It’s unclear whether the girls owned the bike or rode it to the property. Cass County Sheriff Larry Rowe told the Texarkana Gazette shortly after the murders, “We have no idea what the girls were doing there.”

‘No one has been charged with anything,’ Rowe added. ‘This is not an everyday occurrence, but it does happen,’ Harvey added. Shommaonique informed DailyMail.com at the time that she was distraught by the loss of her daughters and would not be doing interviews. ‘At this point, I’m simply trying to bury my babies,’ she stated on social media, adding that the tragedy was ‘unexpected’ and caused ‘much hurt and shock’ to their entire family. ‘Through this entire process, I have my family helping me to get through this difficult time with me and the loss of my sweet babies Girl’s (sic),’ she wrote.

‘But I know I have to remain strong for the sake of my other three babies, who need me now more than ever!!!’ The bereaved mother set up a GoFundMe account to aid with burial fees and other related charges. ‘This was completely unexpected (sic), and it caused a great deal of pain and shock to myself and my family. ‘We are now asking for assistance in burying my precious angels,’ she wrote, adding, ‘Anything you can provide will be greatly appreciated.’ Lord, please and thank you, I want my kids back this hurts and words can’t describe the sorrow I’m feeling I just want my baby daughter back in my arms,’ the bereaved mother added in another post. ‘Rest easy my precious baby girl’s (sic) say hello to granny for me I miss and love yall,’ she added.

During this extremely difficult time, Shommaonique has received an outpouring of support from friends and family alike. ‘Dear baby, I have no words,’ Stephanie Spriggs-Luckey wrote. ‘There are no words that can console you. I’m deeply sorry for the death of your wonderful children. ‘I will be praying for God to give you peace and comfort in the way that only he can.’ Her cousin, China Davis, uploaded images of the girls on Facebook, saying: ‘These babes are on my mind tough they are family as well as friends. ‘I love you cousin, I’m praying for you, baby darling, my heart aches for you!’

Shommaonique’s Facebook page is inundated with condolences and prayers, as well as notes from loved ones expressing their astonishment at the deaths. ‘Praying for you and that God gives you strength,’ Dapatrick Jones added. ‘That doesn’t seem real!’ exclaimed LaKeithia Malone. ‘Sure, keep going for [your other children]. But you have us on your side. (sic)’ J. Ray Web-Hill, who also uploaded images of the sisters, urged everyone to donate to the fundraiser page, stating that the family “would certainly appreciate any aid you can give.”