William Thomas Obituary, William Thomas Has Sadly Died

William Thomas Obituary, Death – Hearing that someone is proud of you has a distinct effect when it comes from a parent as opposed to a friend or coworker. Hearing that someone is proud of you from a parent has a positive effect. A shout-out goes out to Mom Shonen Thomas. Please accept this shout-out. From the very beginning, she has been one of our most consistent supporters, which speaks much about her character.

William’s father passed away in 2017, for the benefit of those who are ignorant of this fact. The bond that existed between William Thomas Sr. and his paternal grandfather was really strong! Even though Harold Thomas resided in Ohio, I have no doubt that he will make it to the competition that will take place in this city tomorrow. I am extremely certain in this assertion. When the children were still in elementary school, he took both sets of grandparents to Woodstock with him so that they could participate in an event specifically designed for grandparents.

He made his appearance. FROM OHIO! We are at a loss for words to explain how much we yearn for him to be with us tomorrow and how much we miss him in the current moment. We miss him so deeply that we are at a loss for words. Kelly Johnson Thomas, or as she is most commonly known as