William Durham Obituary, Durham England, William Durham Has Passed Away

William Durham Obituary, Death – The son of a man who was stabbed to death in a fight between neighbors in 2020 testified on Thursday that the person who is suspected of killing his father pulled him off the street with his vehicle as he was riding his bike earlier that day. The killing was the culmination of a dispute between the families that had been going on for several weeks. The conflict began with a disagreement over speeding and included allegations that Latham harassed the Durham family and made several posts on social media in which he allegedly made fun of the family.

The hatred reached a boiling point on May 4, when the Durham family alleged that Latham had driven up behind 17-year-old Gage Durham as he rode out of his driveway on his bike and steered his vehicle toward the cyclist. The incident occurred as Gage Durham was leaving his house on his bike. In his testimony, Durham stated that he hopped onto the curb in order to escape being hit by Latham’s vehicle while the defendant was honking his horn and driving away. A few hours later, the Durhams approached Latham about the event, which led to the brawl that ultimately ended in fatalities. The trial of Latham, who is accused of second-degree reckless manslaughter, aggravated assault, and weapons charges, began on Thursday morning.

The confrontation was recorded on a cellphone video that was taken by Sarah, who is married to Latham. The video depicts a violent struggle that began on the driveway of Latham’s home and extended into the garage of the residence. Caitlin Flynn, an assistant prosecutor, admitted to the jury that the Durhams walked onto the property of Latham intending to fight. But, she contended that Latham could have gone within his home and contacted the police had he wanted to avoid a confrontation. According to her, he decided against fleeing the scene and instead armed himself with a knife and a stun gun before confronting the victim with deadly force.

“The defendant took a wrong turn by using deadly force, which led to a further escalation of the encounter.” “He intended to make use of a lethal weapon,” Flynn stated. “Would a reasonable person have entered their home, grabbed a knife, and left their home to come and meet the Durhams when this situation was already hostile, or would a reasonable person have gone into their home, shut the door, and called the police?” “Would a reasonable person have entered their home, grabbed a knife, and left their home to come and meet the Durhams when this situation was already hostile?”

She pleaded with the jurors to keep in mind that a husband and a father had been taken away as a result of Latham’s acts. Nathan Perry, the public defender, stated that the Durhams were the aggressors and that they were physically larger than the defendant. He also claimed that the Durhams had trespassed onto Latham’s land, putting his client and his family in danger on the day of the killings.