William Dodds Obituary, William Dodds Has Passed Away Suddenly

William Dodds Obituary, Death – William Rodney Dodds lost his long-fought fight with disease and passed away on March 23, 2023, the day after his birthday. He had been battling the illness for quite some time. Since the 22nd of March, 2023, he had been struggling with the sickness.
On September 5, 1960, in the city of Springfield, which is located in the state of Missouri, Rod Dodds was brought into the world by his parents Beverly and William “Bill” Dodds.

Beverly and William “Bill” Dodds named their son Rod. Soon after that, the young family moved to Topeka, Kansas, and it was there that the younger brother, Jeff, was born the year after they moved there. Soon after that, the young family moved to Topeka, Kansas, and shortly after that, they moved there. The brothers were together during their formative years, which spanned a period of ten years, until the birth of their youngest sibling, Patrick. At this time, they were inseparable.

Before Patrick was born, the boys did not have any other brothers or sisters. After completing his education at Washburn University and Kansas State University, he attended Cleveland University-Kansas City to earn his bachelor’s degree in chiropractic medicine. He is now practicing chiropractic medicine. Prior to that, he attended Kansas State University and received his bachelor’s degree in chiropractic medicine from there.

He was a dedicated supporter of a variety of local sports teams, including the Kansas Jayhawks, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Kansas City Royals, and the Wichita State Shockers, among others. In addition to that, he was a big admirer of the Kansas City Royals. The family was blessed with the arrival of their daughter, Sierra, not long after moving to their new home in Wichita, Kansas, and establishing themselves there.

As she grew older, she would bestow upon Rod the gift of being not only Nick Holloway’s father-in-law but also a grandfather to Cami, Blake, and Bria. In addition, she would make Rod a grandfather to Cami, Blake, and Bria. When Rod finally became an adult and attained her full potential, she would be given this gift.