William Detwiler Obituary, Death, Bellingham, Olympia Has Sadly Passed Away

William Detwiler Obituary, Death – William Detwiler, who had lived to the age of 28 when he passed away on March 17, 2023, was taken from this world too soon. Darin and Vicki (Glover) Detwiler had him on March 30, 1994. William is filled with awe and gratitude for the success he has achieved by graduating from Gateway Technical College with an Associate of Arts degree in Graphic Design.

William received his education at Gateway Technical College, where he focused his studies on Graphic Design. When he was recognized for his academic accomplishments, he was placed on the Dean’s List as well as the Provost’s List at the University of Wisconsin Parkside, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In addition, he was given an award.

At various times in his life, William resided in the communities of Bellingham, Camano Island, Olympia, and Kenosha. Kenosha is the city where he was both born and reared. He was known for his expertise in graphic design, which was one of the many things that interested him. William is referred to as “his own man” and “fiercely independent,” both of which truly describe him.

Both of these phrases are used frequently to describe William. In addition, many people refer to him as “his own man,” which is a typical moniker for him. He was a major Zelda fan and attended the Renaissance Faire on a daily basis throughout the entire summer of the year before.

William was a creative person who cherished the ability to put his imagination to work through the usage of his Lego creations. His creations comprised fictitious renditions of knights, robots, and dragons, and he delighted in the opportunity to do so. His real parents, Joshua Plumridge and Lucas Detwiler, as well as a number of his closest friends, were all able to outlive him.

His biological stepfather, Brent McClintock, was also able to outlive him. Also, both of his brothers, Joshua Plumridge and Lucas Detwiler can be found living in the world today. Riley Detwiler, who was William’s brother and had recently passed away, was named after Riley Detwiler. His demise occurred not too long ago in recent times.