Wayne Klemetti Obituary Granville, OH, Wayne Klemetti Has Reportedly Passed Away

Wayne Klemetti Obituary, Death – Wayne I. Klemetti was a physicist, a fan of baseball, and a car enthusiast in addition to being a car enthusiast. He reached the ripe old age of 83 years during his existence on earth. He passed away on March 29, 2023, at Middleton, which was located in Granville, Ohio, in the state of Ohio. His mother and father, Ilmari and Anna Klemetti, had built their permanent home in the middle of Massachusetts before they passed away.

Ilmari and Anna Klemetti were his parents. He was their son. The title of graduate has been given to Wayne after he completed his studies at Gardner High School and Fitchburg State College, where he worked for a degree in Industrial Arts. He worked as a civilian scientist for the most of his working life at the Air Force Geophysics Laboratory, which is situated at Hanscom Air Force Base, which is located to the south of Boston.

He did this for the majority of his career. Throughout his whole life, Wayne has had a strong interest in motor vehicles. During the course of his life, he accumulated a sizeable collection of automobiles and had a passing interest in the sport of drag racing. He also owned a few race cars. He enjoyed driving Studebakers and Jaguars the most out of all the other makes of vehicles.

In addition to that, he discovered that the voluntary work that he conducted for the Westminster History Society brought him a great deal of personal fulfillment. His children, Erik Klemetti (Susan Glover) and Kristina Klemetti (Pat D’Onofrio), as well as Erik and Kristina’s children Esa and Hazel Klemetti, both of Granville, as well as Kristina Klemetti (Pat D’Onofrio) and their son Nic, of Elmhurst, Illinois, are among the persons who are still alive today. In addition to Wayne’s parents, his wife Marta Gonzalez Klemetti, who had gone away the previous year in 2021, was one of the people who had already left this world before he did. She was one of the individuals that passed away prior to him in this life.