Vedo’s New Album Features “Mood Swings”

Vedo, a singer from Michigan, recently released Mood Swings, his first solo effort since 2021’s 1320. On it, the R&B singer experiments with a variety of musical approaches, from traditional seductive slow-burns to cheerier trap-influenced songs. Overall, it results in a condensed, interesting, and brief selection of songs.

Vedo gained notoriety alongside other celebrities on The Voice, but this album doesn’t require much help from the outside world. In addition, there are only two artists listed: Chris Brown and rapper-singer Tink. Just last week, He and Vedo made their song “Do You Mind” available as a single.


Additionally, that song is among the album’s most uplifting and carefree passages. It’s also lustfully playful and offers a good contrast to the album’s darker tracks, including “FOREVER.” “I like what I like, I’m not the sort that’s gon’ be stalkin’ ya,” is one of the song’s memorable lines. Oh, I’m a player, but I’ll wait till the right moment to take my shot and then I’ll finish. You are so good that I want to give you my heart. Send you a car and put that ass in park.

Despite this, the former Voice competitor also pays homage to older R&B genres. For instance, the album’s first track, “Waterfalls,” features wailing guitars, a plodding beat, and massive percussion. To further make each track feel like it belongs to a larger whole, there is a nice diversity of snap beats, trap percussion, and live instruments. However, the foundation of Vedo’s music is always his vocal range and melodic proclivities.

However, what did you think of Mood Swings, Vedo’s most recent album? Please let us know in the comments and check out the tracklist in the section below. Additionally, you may find the album on your favourite streaming service if you haven’t already heard it. Always keep up with HNHH to discover the hottest R&B releases.



  1. Waterfalls
  2. Celebrate
  3. Somebody Else
  4. Soul
  5. Do You Mind (feat. Chris Brown)
  6. Consistency
  7. You and Me
  9. Tell Me
  10. D.A.F.
  11. C.O.B. (Reason)
  12. Somebody (feat. Tink)
  13. Only