Tyshanique Williams Obituary New York, Tyshanique Williams Has Passed Away

Tyshanique Williams Obituary, Death – Mygette Nicole Washington and Stephen “Steve” Williams welcomed their daughter Trizzonna Ikida Tarealia Williams into the world on October 20, 1994 in the city of Newark, New Jersey. On April 24, 2008, she took her last breath and departed this life.

Dayton Street School was located in Newark, New Jersey, and Trizzonna went there. “Zonnie” was a nickname that she was known by across her entire neighborhood. She was a good person, someone who cared about others, and someone who enjoyed having fun when she was a child living in Newark.

Trizzonna enjoyed a variety of activities, including talking on the phone, dancing, singing, playing with her numerous friends, as well as cooking and attempting new recipes. Being in Trizzonna’s company was always entertaining, and she took great pleasure in observing how well others spoke, laughed, got along, and enjoyed themselves. She was the type of person who would always share, even if it meant that she would have less for herself.

Her mother, Mygette Nicole Washington, passed away before she did. / She was predeceased by her mother.Her mother, Brenda Washington; her father, Stephen “Steve” Williams; her brother, Samir Washington; her four sisters, Idireyah Washington, Verace Washington, Tynia Muhammad, and Stephanee Williams; her grandparents, Eleanor “Tootsie” Williams, Brenda Washington, and William R. Gibbons; her uncles Daryl Pierce, David, Jerome, and Lorenzo Williams; her aunts Erainer and April Williams; her godmother, China Ingram; and her extended family