Tyler William Obituary, Death, Tyler William Unexpectedly Passed Away

Tyler William Obituary, Death – Tyler William Austin was born on September 17, 1986, at the Edna Gladney Center for Adoption in Fort Worth, Texas. Tyler was rescued and adopted at the age of two weeks by his happy parents, Gregory William and Elaine Constance Austin. Tyler was reared in Houston, Texas, and was a natural athlete, excelling in a variety of youth sports such as hockey, baseball, and football. Tyler left an indelible impression on teammates and coaches with his amazing strength, upbeat demeanor, and competitive spirit. Tyler made life enjoyable for himself and those around him.

As a teenager, Tyler got intrigued and involved with Theatre at Memorial Middle School, where he was cast in a significant role in feature school plays such as “Sleepy Hollow” (hosted at Don Coleman Coliseum). Then, he performed a genuinely sincere interpretation of a classic monologue from the film SLC Punk (his favorite film at that time). Tyler’s intrinsic talent to bring very natural humor and laughter to life was appreciated by those closest to him in this way. Tyler also joined the Orchestra in middle school, where he learned to play the Viola, carefully working and perfecting his art, reinforcing his tremendous love for all types of music.

Tyler enjoyed listening to his extensive collection of alternative/heavy metal music, watching movies (especially those written/directed by Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez, and films featuring Chris Farley), and collecting his favorite Spawn Action Figures. Tyler, an ardent reader and an autodidact (self-taught), spent his time engrossed in a wide range of publications, including fantasy novels (his personal favorite being A Song of Ice and Fire), historical fiction, Viking Lore, and a library of self-improvement and do-it-yourself literature. Tyler was always a fan of the arts, which he used to express his affection for others. Later in life, he began delivering personalized pencil drawing artwork to persons he cared about.

Above all, Tyler was a devoted dog lover and protector who worked at a veterinary clinic and in the dog care industry. Tyler rescued three dogs in his life, providing them with love, affection, food, and a warm home. Tyler’s pride and joy were Deuce, Slick, and Patience (all American Staffordshire Bull Terriers), three well-behaved dogs with sweet personalities under his care and direction. Tyler, an early “foodie,” appreciated a wide range of food kinds and would spend his time creating one-of-a-kind dishes from a variety of components, rarely following any precise recipe. Tyler hoped to one day establish his own food truck or restaurant, where he could share his inventive recipes with the world.

Tyler William Austin will be remembered for his huge heart, larger-than-life persona, physically strong presence, piercing blue eyes, and incredibly tender spirit hidden beneath his gruff and rugged exterior. God bless his soul and take him directly under His wing. Gregory William Austin (Father), Elaine Austin Mundy (Mother), Patrick Mundy (Stepfather), Karen Austin (Stepmother), Travis and Amanda Austin, Rebecca and Thomas Wilson, Christopher and Kimberly Mundy, Megan Scott, Troy Austin, his adored nieces and nephews, Sebastian, Reagan, Charlotte, Sophia, and James, and Patience are the only direct survivors (his beloved American Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy).

Remembrances: In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the soon-to-be-formed “Tyler Austin Right On Foundation,” a charitable, non-profit organization established to aid teenagers and adults dealing with addictions and societal reintegration, as well as animal protection rights. Pledges can be sent to the following addresses: gaustin1956@icloud.com, eamundy@sbcglobal.net, or trav.austin21@yahoo.com. Pallbearers: Travis Austin, Christopher Mundy, Troy Austin, Megan Scott, Rebecca Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Trey Wattinger (Godfather), David Burgess (relative), and Tres Stewart (cousin.)