Toby Harvell Obituary, Toby Harvell has passed away unexpectedly – Death

Toby Harvell Obituary, Death – We are in a condition of tremendous sorrow and are in a state of shock as a result of the news that Midas Burger has suffered the loss of one of its own employees. Those of us who are currently present received this news. Toby Harvell put up a courageous but brief fight against his illness before ultimately succumbing to it and passing away on Saturday evening. He had a kind and compassionate demeanor, and the thing that brought him the most happiness in life was seeing the smiles and laughter on the faces of those around him,

which he accomplished by telling them jokes that were so funny they made them cry. When one of our frequent customers walked through the door, he immediately remembered what they wanted to buy and would remind us of any other items that they desired to have with their order. This helped us serve them more efficiently. When he encountered one of our frequent clients, he instantly recalled what it was that they were looking for in a product or service. Because of this, we were able to give them with better service in a more timely manner.

He did not leave the building until he had first demonstrated his affection for each one of us in our own special way. He never left the building. This was a prerequisite that needed to be met before he would depart. During this difficult time, we would be grateful if you would pray not just for Toby’s family but also for the rest of the Midas Burger crew. Please know that your thoughts and prayers will be greatly appreciated. We are appreciative of the help that you have given us.

The general populace is currently unaware of the specific preparations that have been made for the Celebration of Life that will take place at an unspecified point in time in the future. If you have any stories about Toby that you would be prepared to share with us when you come in this week, we would very much appreciate it, and we would love to listen to them… Many people will miss you very much, Tobs, and if there is anything you need to know, it is that you have all of our love and support. Many people will miss you very much. brother