Thomas Laird Obituary Idaho Falls, Idaho, Man found dead after attempting to crawl under train in Idaho Falls

Thomas Laird Obituary, Death – Over the weekend, the lifeless body of a guy who was 53 years old was discovered after he had unsuccessfully attempted to get under a train that had suddenly begun moving. The train had started moving suddenly. There had been no prior warning before the train had started rolling. The train started moving ahead almost instantly after it had been stopped.

The train had started moving ahead in a direction that nobody had anticipated before it started moving. The statements made by the police indicate that there is a strong possibility that the deceased individual was killed as a result of being ran over by a moving train, which finally led to their dying away. This theory is based on the comments made by the police. According to Rick Taylor, who is in charge of serving as the coroner for Bonneville County, the identity of the deceased who passed away has been revealed to be Thomas Joseph Laird.

This information was provided by Rick Taylor. The subject is believed to have been discussed with the victim’s next of kin at some point in time, according to the remarks made by the authorities over the case. A website visitor who identified themselves as being from Idaho Falls was nice enough to share their contact information with This visitor also identified themselves as being from East Idaho.