Theresa Dixon Obituary, Theresa Dixon Has Passed Away Sadly

Theresa Dixon Obituary, Death – In memory of Theresa Dixon, there will be a moment of meditation followed by one minute of respectful silence. A member of the GeorgiaFIRST family died away suddenly not too long ago, and before we continue, we would want to take this opportunity to remember them with a moment of silence in their honor before moving on. In addition to being a much-liked friend and family member, Theresa served as a member of the GeorgiaFIRST Leadership Team and the Northview Techno Titans for a large portion of the existence of each organization.

Theresa will be greatly missed by those who knew and loved her. Early on in this year, Theresa lost her battle with cancer and passed away. She served as a model for everyone else in the neighborhood and set a high standard for herself. The news of her passing has left us with broken hearts and a mixed appreciation for the time we were able to spend with her as a member of our family. Her passing has left us with a bittersweet appreciation for the time we were able to spend with her.

During this difficult time, we are keeping everyone on our staff, along with her friends and family, in our thoughts and prayers. We also ask that you do the same. In the event that you will be present at the competition in Macon, a card for her team that is waiting to be signed may be found in the area of the pit that has been assigned for the administration of the pit.