Terry Lewis Obituary Obituary, Alabama US, Terry Lewis Has Reportedly Died

Terry Lewis Obituary, Death – Our family is currently suffering from a profound sense of mourning as a direct result of the passing of our nephew Terry “Bubba” Lewis, and as a direct result of this, we are currently coping with a significant amount of grief and sorrow as a direct result of the passing of our nephew Terry “Bubba” Lewis. It would mean a great deal to us if you could pray for our family, especially for Dana and the children at this time.

Please pray for them. Please be aware that our family would be immensely appreciative if you would pray for us and the needs that we are facing. I am overwhelmed with appreciation for the thoughtful consideration you have given. At this time of remembering those who have passed away and reflecting on those who have moved on from this world, we ask that you keep these loved ones in your prayers and thoughts.

Highway 5 Church is home to several individuals who go by the name of Sister, including Sister Sandy Windham, Sister Bonita Trotter, and Sister Janis Jackson. Bubba’s mother-in-law is Sister Janis Jackson, who is also a Jackson family member. In addition to this, Bubba’s mother-in-law is a member of the congregation that gathers at Highway 5 Church each week.

Sister Janis Jackson is the moniker that Bubba’s mother-in-law is known as inside the Jackson family. She is a member of the Jackson family. Also, the Jackson family includes Bubba as a member. Janis Jackson, also known by her nickname Sister, is the lady that Bubba Jackson has wed and welcomed into his family. Bubba Jackson is known to refer to Janis as “Sister.” The nickname “Sister” is frequently used to refer to Janis.

Sister Bonita Trotter is the name given to one of Bubba’s other wives, who is also the grandmother of one of his children. Bubba gave this wife the name Sister Bonita Trotter. This is the moniker that is used to refer to her in several of Bubba’s family stories. Bubba is now going through the process of tying the knot for the fourth time. Even if the two of us are no longer physically there with one another, I cannot emphasize enough how vital it is for you to continue to pray for and think about them even though we are no longer together.