Suzanne Renee Cole Obituary, Death, Suzanne Cole Sadly Passed Away

Suzanne Renee Cole Obituary, Death – On the 21st of March 2023, Suzanne Renee Cole, age 52, died suddenly due to circumstances that were completely unforeseen. She is survived by her husband Mark, her two boys, Justin and Jack, her English Bulldog Rudy, her two cats Oliver and Amelia, and an infinite number of friends who are too many to list individually. She spent her childhood in Hubbell, Michigan, and as an adult, she has lived in Nebraska, Florida, Ohio, Texas, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and California. All of these places may be considered her home. She enthusiastically served her nation in the United States Air Force as a computer operator in Colorado and Germany. Her assignments took her there. She met Mark, the man who would eventually become both her husband and her closest friend, on her second service assignment in Germany. Her first children were her three dogs, Kahlua, Libby, and Heidi, who brought her nothing but happiness. They were her first babies. At least that’s what she believed until she gave birth to her two sons, Justin and Jack, who turned out to be the miracles of her life. Now her cup is overflowing. The presence of these two boys, whom she treasured and loved so deeply, brought about a sea change in her life that will never be reversed.

Suzanne worked in the education field for a significant portion of her life. She spread her enthusiasm for education in a variety of settings, but she would unequivocally claim that her favorite school was the Hanscom Air Force Base Primary School in Massachusetts. She had a great deal of respect for the school’s administration, faculty, and staff, as well as the educational philosophy of the institution, but above all else, she cherished her kids. She never passed up a chance to make her kids feel like the most important people in the world, and it was clear that they felt the same way about her because of how much affection they had for her.

She was larger than life, that Suzanne! To know Suzanne was to have some idea of what it was like to have a hearty chuckle. She was as honest as they come, constantly seeking to make people happy and demonstrating to them how much she cared for them in the process. Just by being there, she brought smiles to the faces of people around her. If she referred to you by a nickname and never missed a chance to make you laugh or call you out when you were wrong, you could tell that she had a lot of affection for you. Her playful ribbing was never malicious, and it served as the clearest evidence of how much she cared about the people around her. Everyone will be saddened by her passing since she was kind, kind, and full of spirit.

Suzanne has always had a soft spot in her heart for critters. The family humbly asks that in place of sending flowers or gifts, you give some thought to donating a contribution in her honor to the local animal shelter in your community (preferably one that does not murder animals).