Susan Smith Obituary, Susan Smith Has Suddenly Died

Susan Smith Obituary, Death – Our hearts broke all over again when we had to tell each other that Andy’s sister Susan Smith, who had just turned 57 years old when she went away suddenly this morning, had passed away. She had passed away this morning. This morning, there was a shocking announcement that Susan Smith had passed away. This morning, it was shared with the community that Andy’s sister Susan Smith had left the house. In the early morning hours of today, she took her final breath before passing away.

We had reached the point when we had to break the terrible news to one another that Susan Smith, Andy Smith’s sister, had also passed away. This was a very difficult moment for all of us. This was a really challenging time for all of us to go through. This was an extraordinarily difficult assignment that needed to be done. It is never easy to say goodbye to a loved one; but, the fact that this tragedy occurred just five days after his other sister Angela Smith was laid to rest makes it incredibly difficult to fathom what has transpired.

What has taken place is extremely difficult to understand. What has taken place is something that is very difficult to fathom, and this is something that has taken happened. Our family has been struck a heartbreaking blow by the unexpected deaths of not one but two sisters within the span of one month. We are still coming to grips with the shock and anguish that this has directly caused as a direct result of it, and we are still coming to terms with it. You should continue to keep your fingers crossed in the hopes that they will both arrive at the same location at the same time. This is our one and most important opportunity to be successful.