Sue Schumacher Obituary, Sue Schumacher Has Passed Away

Sue Schumacher Obituary, Death – As I announce the departure of my lovely Soul Sister Sue Schumacher, I do it not only with a great degree of sorrow, but also with a great deal of faith and understanding of the life that exists beyond our dimension. This is because I believe that Sue will be waiting for me in the hereafter. Not only do I do so with a great degree of sorrow when I announce her demise, but I also do so with a great deal of faith and knowing.

I pray that the thought that we will see each other again someday may provide you, my dearest love, and my sister, some measure of solace. We are going to climb a hill, find a place to sit down, and take in the daily activities of the people who live in the valley below us while looking up at them. You shine like the beautiful star that you are, and I have no doubt that you will come to pay a visit to us here in this dimension when you have adapted to life in your new dimension and discovered a routine that works for you once you have accomplished these things.

If you follow @scrollsofthesoul436 on Twitter, you will be able to watch this video and listen to past episodes of the Soul Sisters Show that were broadcast on Scrolls of the Soul Radio. We would like to take this chance to thank Sue for all of the hard work that she has put in, and for that, we would like to take this opportunity.