Steve Fetveit Obituary, Missoula Montana, Steve Fetveit sadly passes away

Steve Fetveit Obituary Death – The sad news that my dear buddy Steve has passed away has left me with a very heavy heart. Steve was someone who I had known for many years. This man has stood in for my biological father for the better part of my adult life, and I consider him a second father. He was always there to offer guidance, encouragement, amusement, and a channel for a healthy release of pent-up frustration.

I am confident that I would not be anywhere near as successful in my professional life as I am right now if it were not for his love, encouragement, and sense of humor. He was one of the most influential people in my life, both as a cheerleader and as a role model. You are going to be missed tremendously, Steve Fetveit. When he used to visit his mother at the nursing home in Kalispell, I would see him every time he went there.

There is now one less of the good guys. In the event that Steve and I were in the same location in Kalispell at the same time, he would never miss an opportunity to drop by. The fact that he is no longer in the news is something that we have never been able to get used to. He really was a fantastic example of the human race.

The most recent time I saw him was at his granddaughter’s wedding, but I had known him since the 1980s, when we were both members of the Rotary club in which we served together. He always looked very happy and had a lovely smile on his face. He had a really friendly disposition.