Shawna McRitchie Obituary, Death – A death has occurred involving one of the most extraordinary women who ever lived. Shawna McRitchie will not be competing for Sunset Water Sports in the foreseeable future. We were both born at the same time and have known each other our whole lives because we are the same age. Shawna and I have been friends for the past 45 years. Shawna was always bubbling over with happiness, and her stunning smile had the power to light up an entire room. I have a lot of wonderful memories to look back on as a result of her influence in my life. Shawna and I started this business because we love and are passionate about the lake, and we also love assisting others in creating memories for themselves. We wanted to combine these two things by helping others create memories for themselves.

Shortly after we started SWS, she started having trouble moving around, which was a sign that something was wrong. When we saw the struggles that people in our community, our family, and our friends were going through, we came to the realization that we wanted to make the lake accessible to everyone. She was the first person to ride the sit ski, and when she did so for the very first time, she did so with the biggest smile imaginable and tears of pure joy streaming down her face. She was also the first person to ride the sit ski. She took great pride in the lake’s ability to instill a sense of autonomy within her as well as a sense of increased self-assurance. People often mistook us for a couple and when they did, we would laugh and tell them that “we are more like siblings”

As I get ready to say goodbye to everyone, my heart is breaking, but I promise to do everything in my power to make her proud and to maintain the excitement that she had for the work that we are doing. It would be very meaningful to me if you could all send in pictures and share any stories or memories that you have, and I would really appreciate it if you could do that. I would also really appreciate it if you could send in any stories or memories that you have. An incredible human being has left this world, but an incredible angel has taken her place there in heaven.