Shanita Burney Obituary, Shanita Burney has passed away unexpectedly – Death

Shanita Burney Obituary, Death – has passed away untimely. I have been in a terrible state of melancholy ever since I found out today that Shanita Burney will be leaving the company. It just doesn’t seem possible for me to get out of this situation. I’m going to really struggle to get used to not seeing her every day. She oversaw my work at the Covenant House in Washington during the years that I worked there and functioned as my supervisor during those years.

During that time, I was employed there. My employment there lasted from the year 2001 till the year 2006. Because we spent so much time together, it didn’t take us very long to become good friends with one another when we started spending so much time together. She organized my baby shower around the time that I found out I was pregnant with Khari, and up to the time that I gave birth to Khari, she served as the band’s manager for a period of time before I asked her to take over that function myself.

While I was in the middle of carrying Khari and I also found out that I was pregnant, that’s when I found out that she was also the organizer of the band. Before Khari and I had our family, my close friend Hook and I were in a band together. We played a variety of musical instruments. Khari was in charge of playing the drums for our group. She devoted every waking moment of her life to the pursuit of bettering the lives of children and the households in which they were raised.

Because of the work that she did during her entire life, a great number of people feel an enormous sense of appreciation and sympathy for her. This is a direct result of the job that she did. Despite the fact that she only lived for fifty years, she was able to have a big impact on the lives of a very wide number of individuals who came from a range of different backgrounds. This was the case despite the fact that she only lived for a total of fifty years. My hope and prayer is that she would, at long last, discover the pleasure and contentment that she so desperately seeks in paradise.