Selena Quintanilla Obituary, Selena Quintanilla Has Passed Away

Selena Quintanilla Obituary, Death – I was escorted into a room where people were waiting. Everyone had already arrived, including Abraham, Marcella, Suzette, and a number of other members of the family. The only person who wasn’t there was A.B.; he’d already gone off to mourn on his own. Even though the sight of their looks caused my stomach to begin twisting into knots, when I saw them I tried to smile at everyone even though I felt sick to my stomach.

I questioned, “What the heck is going on?” “Where on earth is Selena?” As Abraham glanced at me, he had a blank expression on his face, and he stated, “Chris, Selena has died away.” It’s too late. She was shot, and she did not survive. I just stood there for a second feeling totally dumbfounded and paralyzed from the shock that I was experiencing. How could it be possible that I wouldn’t be able to see my wife while she was still alive again? Never to be able to lean into her embrace or kiss her lips again?

Suddenly I started crying, despite the fact that I knew Selena had passed away but yet could not fully get it. It takes some time before one can accept that someone has passed away. You are aware of it, but deep down, you don’t truly buy into it. 28 years ago, time seemed to stand still everywhere. A day filled with gloom and a sense of foreboding pervaded the atmosphere. To this day, she is in each of our hearts. Selena 4ever a legend, lovely ” Como La Flor.”