Scott Stewart Obituary Nazareth PA, Scott Stewart has died

Scott Stewart Death, Obituary – On March 18, 2021, Scott Stewart passed died in an unexpected manner while he was a patient at the St. Boniface Hospital. After Scott’s passing, his legacy will be carried on in part by his brothers Marty and Craig Stewart, his sister-in-law Rosemarie Stewart, his nephew Andrew Stewart, and his niece Cindy Stewart. Also carrying on Scott’s legacy will be his nephew Andrew Stewart.

The majority of Scott’s working life was spent in the healthcare industry, and his most recent position was as an operating room technician at the Health Science Centre for Children. Also, Scott dealt with individuals who suffered from a variety of difficulties. In his younger years, Scott was quite the sportsman, taking part in a wide range of athletic activities such as playing hockey and riding dirt motorcycles.

During this time, he was also quite the athlete. David Westlake, Scott’s cousin, was a witness to the eventful ride that ended with Scott pulling a wheelie, dumping the bike, and incurring significant road rash on his posterior, which forced him to be hospitalized. Dave Westlake was a witness to the ride. Scott was able to recognize the humor in his predicament, but he was adamant about not showing his “rage” to his worried family members.

After learning that there were two persons in Manitoba who were a match for his kidneys, Scott made the decision to donate them to them. He was fully aware of the significance of Scott’s contribution and did not discount it in any way.

In addition to being a kind and caring guy, Scott was a courteous and hilarious individual. He also had a great sense of humor. We are all going to miss him a great deal after he leaves. One can only keep their fingers crossed that heaven contains some kind of amazing motocross track.