Schaffrillas Productions Car Accident, Two YouTubers From Schaffrillas Productions Dead in Car Crash

Schaffrillas Productions Car Accident, Death – Texas – Christopher Schaffer and Patrick Phyrillas – A automobile accident that took place on Sunday in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, claimed the lives of two of the people behind the popular YouTube channel Schaffrillas Productions. At the scene of the accident, the ages of the victims were determined to be Christopher Schaffer, 25, and Patrick Phyrillas, 22. According to a press release issued by the Lehigh County Coroner’s Office, both of them passed away as a result of injuries sustained to their heads as a result of blunt trauma. According to a statement that was sent to NPR by Brian Downs, a spokeswoman for the Lehigh Valley Health Network, James Phyrillas, Patrick’s younger brother who is 25 years old, remained in stable condition in the hospital on Tuesday.

According to the police, their vehicle was hit by a tractor-trailer carrying commercial goods when it was crossing an intersection. NPR has received confirmation from the police that there is not a traffic signal located at the intersection where the collision took place. The local authorities have not yet determined what caused the incident, but they are continuing their investigation. According to the police, as of Tuesday, they do not have any information regarding the condition of the other driver. On social media, the news of the accident was communicated by a Twitter account that was acting on behalf of the Schaffrillas editing team. The account also stated that all videos are currently on pause. Under the hashtag #PrayForSchaffrillas, a significant number of James’s admirers tweeted their shock, sorrow, and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

The funeral costs for Schaffer’s family were covered via a GoFundMe campaign that was created by Schaffer’s boyfriend. The founders of Schaffrillas Productions, James Phyrillas and Chris Schaffer, came up with the company name by combining their surnames. The channel first started uploading videos in 2015 under the name “YouTube Poop,” which refers to video mashups that remix already existing media for the purpose of creating a comic or satirical effect. Currently, the channel focuses on providing analysis content in the form of videos and animations. The channel has a subscriber base that is greater than 1.6 million strong. The Shrek 2 analysis video is a fan favorite, and it has been reposted by fans who are reflecting on the channel and the impact it has had on their lives.