Sarah Scott Obituary Phoenix Arizona, 3 Victims found dead in Murder-suicide incidence

Sarah Scott Death, Murder, Obituary The Phoenix Police Department made the announcement on Thursday that the three people who were discovered dead earlier this week in their house on South Mountain were victims of a murder-suicide, and that the female victim was pregnant at the time of the incident. The bodies of the three people were found in the house on South Mountain earlier this week. Tuesday was the day that the bodies were located. Sgt.

Brian Bower of the Phoenix Police Department revealed that 27-year-old Jacob De Zeeuw was guilty for the shooting murders of Sarah Scott, who was 37 years old, and Jacob De Zeeuw, Jr., who was 6 years old. Both victims were found near the intersection of 16th Street and Dobbins Road. When Scott unexpectedly lost her unborn child, she was in the fourth month of her pregnancy at the time. After that, De Zeeuw decided to end his own life. Bower claims that there is no evidence that Jacob De Zeeuw Jr. is connected to Scott in any manner.

In response to a request for assistance that was made on Tuesday morning, the police were sent to the residence just before 11 in the morning. They found the bodies of two victims in the rear of the house. Jacob De Zeeuw, Jr. and one of the adults were found dead. The residence itself was where the other adult was found after being searched. Bower did not elaborate on the identity of the adult who was found in whatever area. No other information has been made public at this time.