Sarah Scott Obituary, Death, 3 Bodies Found Dead and Identified

Sarah Scott Obituary, Death – The identities of the three victims whose deaths were discovered on Tuesday morning in a property located in south Phoenix have been made public by the Phoenix Police Department. There, the bodies of the three people had been found after they had died.

The neighborhood to the south of downtown Phoenix is where you will find the property in question. Both Sarah Scott, who was 37 years old at the time of her death, and Jacob De Zeeuw Jr., who was 6 years old at the time of his death, have been identified as the victims of a shooting that took place at a home close to the intersection of 16th Street and South Mountain Avenue.

The shooting took place in the area of a home that was located near the intersection of those two streets. The incident took place inside a home that was situated in close proximity to the crossroads. Both victims were shot, which ultimately led to their deaths.

The statements provided by the police indicate that Scott was said to have been in the fourth month of her pregnancy when she passed away. This information comes from the comments made by the police. The events that led up to her passing are where this information comes from. The young youngster, who was only 6 years old, and Scott did not share any sort of familial relationship with one another in any way.

Jacob De Zeeuw, age 27, was identified as the second individual whose death was found inside the flat. His body was found in the same room as the first. Although the bodies of both of the victims as well as his own were located inside the apartment, it is suspected that he shot both of them before taking his own life. Both of the victim’s bodies were found inside the apartment. He is being accused of killing the victim.