Samuel Fisher Obituary Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Samuel Fisher Has Died

Samuel Fisher Obituary, Death – Samuel Maze Fisher I really hope this is all a dream. That doesn’t feel real. Although Victoria died away over three years ago, I was extremely pleased of how you stepped up as a parent to Levi. You have always been a wonderful father to him. You were also a wonderful friend to me throughout my life. I really enjoyed our in-depth discussions on life and all of the strange and bizarre things that can be found in it, which often turned into disputes in which we both shared our perspectives.

Sometimes things would become hot, but we’d be OK in five minutes because we understood exactly what was going on (Not to get astrological but probably the Sagittarius in both of us lol). During the course of our relationship of 12 years, Sam has helped me with a variety of matters; but, over the course of the most recent few months, he has assisted me more than anybody will ever know… and I cannot express how grateful I am for the conversations that we have had in recent times. I will always keep those people very dear to my heart.

When I visited Levi the other day, he told me, “My dad said you’re like my second mom,” and my heart immediately began to flood with an overwhelming amount of love while simultaneously shattering into a million pieces. I will be there for their courageous and kind kid in whatever capacity I am able to be. I adore you so much Sam, Tori, & Levi I’m very sad for your loss, Erika! But, Levi is really fortunate to have you there as a support system. He couldn’t have wished for a more perfect godmother, to be honest.