Sally Waggoner Obituary, Coroner IDs two who died in Parke County fire

Sally Waggoner Obituary, Death – The Parke County Sheriff’s Department reports that a fire on Wednesday caused the deaths of two people. The incident occurred in Parke County. Approximately 4:45 p.m. on Wednesday, a 911 call was placed concerning a structure fire that was claimed to be located at 11592 North 790 West Street. Kingman’s fire departments responded to the call and put out the blaze.

“When the fire was brought under control, two deceased persons along with two deceased pets were found in the house,” said the statement that was published by the sheriff’s department. Dr. Donna McVay, who serves as the coroner for Parke County, Indiana, disclosed on Thursday the names of those people who had passed away as a result of the fire. In comparison, Sally Waggoner is 70 years old and Bonnie Coss is only 51 years old.

According to McVay, there were two people living in the house at the time, and it was being used as a rental property. The Office of the State Fire Marshal in the state of Indiana is the one that is responsible for conducting the investigation into the incident and determining what caused it.

The statements given by the sheriff’s department indicate that the site was attended by the coroner’s office, the Cayuga Fire Department, the Kingman Fire Department, and the Perrysville Fire Department. Also present at the scene was the Perrysville Fire Department.