Roy Winterburn Obituary, Roy Winterburn Has Sadly Passed Away

Roy Winterburn Obituary, Death – Those who were notified of the tragedy responded with an immense amount of anguish upon hearing the news that my father, Roy Winterburn, had passed away this morning. Because of everything he taught me about the demolition industry, I owe him a lot of gratitude because he was the one who helped me get to the point where I am now.

I am thankful to him because of the job he has done in the industry, which has earned him a lot of notoriety. You are going to be missed tremendously in every possible way. I’m really sad to hear that, my dear old buddy; I remember meeting your father when the two of you came to visit the farm. I’m sorry to hear that. A number of years ago, Stewart Winterburn, you have done him proud. My family extends its sympathies and encourages you to remain strong in the face of this tragedy.

I am sad to learn of the passing of a member of your family, and please accept my sympathies on behalf of myself and my family. He would flash and wave with a smile that was as broad as his entire face anytime I did so, and it never failed to make me smile. Whenever I turned on the low loader, he would always flash and wave with a smile that was as large as his entire face. He was of the finest class, and we shall feel a profound void in our lives without him.