Ronnie Chandler Obituary Amherst, Ohio Avon Youth Wrestling Club Coach Ronnie Chandler Has Died

Ronnie Chandler Obituary, Death – When we heard the news about Coach Chandler’s passing, the news crushed our hearts, and there are no words that can adequately express how heartbroken we are. Everyone that he trained will carry with them, for the rest of their life, the influence that he had on them as a coach. Everyone who knew Ronnie Chandler understood the passion that he had for our sport as well as the love that he had for everyone who entered our wrestling room. Ronnie Chandler had a special place in his heart not only for our sport, but also for everyone who entered our wrestling room. In the history of our team, Ronnie Chandler will go down as a legend.

We have all become better people as a direct result of knowing him, and we have reaped the benefits of the positive and infectious energy that he emits. Our heartfelt condolences go out to our Head Coach’s entire family as well as to all of his friends whose lives have been changed by the news of his loss. To reassure you, please know that we hold you in the highest regard, and that we shall be grateful to Coach Chandler for all of eternity.

Please keep in mind, while you write your thoughts of condolence, that Coach Chandler spent his whole life devoted to serving not only his family but also his wrestlers. He did it out of a genuine care for each and every youngster who was taking part in the program. I consider it a great stroke of good fortune that I was given the chance to become acquainted with him since he has been of huge assistance to not only me, but also to my sons. Ronnie, you will most certainly not be forgotten!

The presence of Coach Chandler in the Avon wrestling room had a significant impact on everyone who entered the room at any point in time. It didn’t matter to Ronnie who you were, how old you were, how much schooling you had, or how talented you were; he always made time for you. His zeal for wrestling was second only, if not surpassed, by his dedication to his family. He wrestled with all his heart. We are going to miss having him here with us.