Roger Boucher Obituary, New England USA Pool League member has died sadly

Roger Boucher Death, Obituary – I was just informed of the tragic news that Roger Boucher has passed away, and my thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones and friends at this difficult time. Roger exemplified the best qualities of a human being: he was the most generous and honest person you could ever wish to meet.

is generally agreed upon that he was one of the most gifted players to ever come from New England and was widely recognized as a respected figure in our pool scene. He was a pool player at St. Joseph’s Club in Fitchburg, where he spent his boyhood. He spent most of his time there. He won the title of New England Champion over than once, and he also held the record for the highest run that was ever accomplished in a straight pool tournament conducted in New England.

Back in Roger’s day, players like Irving Crane, Willie Mosconi, and Boston Shorty, amongst a large number of others, would seek him out to play in exhibition matches at St. Joe’s Club. Very few people are aware of the fact that, for decades, due to Roger, Fitchburg served as the epicenter of pool competition in New England; nonetheless, this information is widely available.

He arrived to Saint. Joe’s Club in order to take part in a session that was being led by the professional player Ralph Souquet, as shown in the photo that can be found below. During the course of the previous few years, he has expressed an eagerness and willingness to take part in our junior fund-raising events alongside Ralph, Efren Reyes, Mike Dechaine, Johnny Archer, Rodney Morris, and other individuals.

Reading the book that Roger authored about his time spent as a pool player in New England is something that comes highly recommended.