Rod Kelly Obituary, Rod Kelly Has Reportedly Passed Away

Rod Kelly Obituary, Death – Yesterday, when everyone learned that Rod Kelly, a longtime body for SARDA, had passed away, they did so with a great deal of sadness on their faces. This was because they had known him for a long time. They carried out these actions as a reaction to the news that Rod Kelly had passed away. A significant amount of Kelly’s adult life was spent by Kelly as a member of SARDA.

During this trying time, he and all of the members of his family and friends who are near and dear to him are in our thoughts and prayers. Also, we are contemplating our own selves. Before moving to Kent with his wife, Caz, so that they could be closer to their family, Rod Kelly volunteered for a number of years with Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England as well as a number of other organizations.

Their move to Kent was motivated by the desire for them to be closer to their children and grandchildren. Because of this, the Kellys were able to move closer to their extended family. They are presently based in Kent, which places them in a more convenient location in relation to their kin. At that time, he was also actively connected with a variety of other organizations, serving in the position of a volunteer worker for several of those groups.