Robert Wisian Obituary, Retired Austin Police Department Lieutenant Robert Wisian has died

Robert Wisian Obituary, Death – We are sorry to inform you of the passing of retired Austin Police Department Lt. Robert Wisian. He had served the department for many years. On July 13, 1956, he began his career in law enforcement by joining the Austin Police Department as a patrolman. On February 9, 1960, Robert received a promotion that allowed him to earn the rank of sergeant in the criminal investigations division. He was given yet another promotion on October 3, 1969, this time to the rank of Lieutenant, which he attained while still working in CID. Robert made the decision to retire on December 31, 1987, after having served in the military for the previous 31 years.

We are incredibly saddened to inform you of the passing of former Austin Police Department officer Robert Wisian, and our condolences go out to his family and friends. His efforts will not be overlooked in any way. During this difficult time, please be assured that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are sorry to inform you of this news and offer our most sincere condolences for the unfortunate circumstances. The accomplishments and hard work that Robert put in directly contributed to his being promoted. The location of the branch office served as the point of distribution for this offer. As soon as I finished providing the necessary information, my eligibility to take advantage of this offer was immediately confirmed. This offer has been active and running without any breaks or pauses ever since I initially provided my information and it was then processed.

When he was still employed with the Criminal Investigation Division on October 3, 1969, he received another promotion, this time to the rank of Lieutenant. This took place during the same year. This transpired during the time that he was still working for the company in question (CID). The event in question took place while he was still working for the Criminal Investigation Division (CID). The period of time that is pertinent is the entirety of his employment at the business or organization in question. In addition, it took place on the same day as the occurrence that occurred earlier in the day in the same day. On the last day of 1987, Robert made the decision to quit the service for good after having served for a combined total of 31 years during his time in the military. After a combined 31 years of service in the armed forces, he decided to go in this direction. Since he made his decision, he has not given any consideration to the possibility of changing his mind.