Robert Barberstock Obituary, Robert Barberstock Has Passed Away

Robert Barberstock Obituary, Death – On March 24, it was said that police from the city of Hamilton were called to the neighbourhood located at Sanford Avenue North and Acorn Street around four in the afternoon on the suspicion that a gunshot had taken place there. The neighbourhood is located at the intersection of Sanford Avenue North and Acorn Street. At the corner of Sanford Avenue North and Acorn Street is where you’ll find the neighbourhood.

The community that may be found in close proximity to the intersection of Acorn Street and Sanford Avenue North was created when these two roadways were combined to make one. The officers who responded to the call discovered a male victim in his 53rd year who had been shot and was suffering from bullet wounds; he was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident after the officers found him suffering from gunshot wounds.

After the inquiry that was carried out came to the conclusion that Robert Barberstock was the person who had passed away, he was identified as the person who had died after it was determined that he was the person who had passed away. In an effort to track down three to four male suspects who were seen fleeing the scene of the homicide, the authorities are conducting a thorough search of the neighbourhood that is immediately adjacent to the crime scene.

Anyone who has any reason to suspect that they may have information relevant to this homicide is urged to get in touch with Detective Lisa Chambers of the Homicide Unit as soon as possible at the number 905-546-3843, and they will be given specific instructions on how to do so once they make contact with her.