Richard Price Obituary, Death, HFT Patron Richard Price Has Passed Away

Richard Price Obituary, Death – Richard Price, who was a patron of the learning disability charity Hft, passed away recently, and the organization is remembering the incredible influence Richard had on the lives of learning disabled adults as it broke the news of his passing. The establishment of Hft as a national charity is largely attributable to Richard’s efforts. He was an excellent public speaker, and as a result of his commitment, Hft was able to make connections with an uncountable number of people who have been long-term supporters of the organization and advocates for its mission to improve the world for adults with learning disabilities.

Even though he had a very busy and successful career in the world of television and film, Richard always made himself available to Hft in some capacity, whether it was serving as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, meeting with Members of Parliament, introducing donors, or even just purchasing Christmas cards. His and Joan’s influence and compassion are woven throughout the work of the charity, and their support is directly linked to many of the positive outcomes that Hft has witnessed.

The following is what Hft’s Chair of Trustees, Mandy Bunce, has to say: We are deeply shocked to learn that Richard has passed away, and on behalf of everyone at Hft, including the staff, families, and people we help, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to Richard’s family and friends, and we also intend to hold a memorial service in his honor. “Richard was an outstanding member of society. It is nearly impossible to have a complete appreciation for the contribution that Richard has made to Hft and to the lives of the people whose lives we support. Everyone who worked at Hft and had the opportunity to get to know Richard will mourn his passing very deeply.

“Richard exemplified all of the dedication and passion that is at the center of our organization, which is guided by the enthusiasm and dedication of families. “On behalf of everyone at Hft, we would like to extend our gratitude to both Richard and Joan for helping to improve the direction that our organization has taken, as well as for the countless lives that have been and will continue to be altered by them in an infinite variety of ways. That is a truly wonderful legacy to leave behind for future generations.