Richard Mulholland Obituary, Middletown NJ, Richard Mulholland Has Passed Away

Richard Mulholland Obituary, Death – Munholland United Methodist Church, On October 31, 2022, Richard J. ‘Rick’ Mulholland, 55, from La Crosse, Wisconsin, passed away unexpectedly at his home. Rick Mulholland’s parents, Darrel “Dick” and Kathleen (Klimek) Mulholland, welcomed him into the world on April 17, 1967, in La Crosse, Wisconsin. In 1985, he received his diploma from Logan High School. Rick has had a number of different occupations over the course of his life. In the past, he has had positions at Maas Construction, Ship Shape Car Wash, Eagle Eye Auto Detail, and Ed’s Service Center in the capacity of vehicle mechanic.

In addition, he owned and operated Eagle Eye Auto Detail. Because Rick was so skilled in the areas of auto and motorcycle maintenance, he was able to assist a large number of people with their respective repair needs. He was a member of the La Crosse Eagles Club Aerie 1254 and served in the role of Vice President. Rick was a caring and generous individual who has a pure heart. Everyone’s day was made better by his grin and his infectious laughter. Rick remained in touch with several of his boyhood pals, with whom he shared a strong link and a long history of friendship. He placed a high importance on those friendships and gave his pals a lot of his attention and care.

He was an avid collector of antiques, as well as a fan of motorbikes, ATVs, and camping in the north. He was a very unselfish person who would help anyone who needed it and liked spending time with his family. His family was his top priority. The size of his heart matched the magnitude of his attitude. He had a special bond with his dog, Buddy. Becoming a father to his son Austin brought Rick the greatest satisfaction in life. He had a lot of affection for Austin. He was very proud of how Austin turned out. Educating, guiding, and watching Austin develop are all important to me.

Constantly making the most of every moment he has with his son to create memories. Whether we were going through the greatest of times or the worst of times, he was there to listen, offer words of encouragement and support, and just be there. Sometimes he spoke reassuring words, and other times he didn’t say a word at all, but he always made it clear that the message to be heard was one of love and peace. He is survived by his son, Austin R. Mulholland and Austin’s mother, Amy Jo Schmidt of La Crosse; his mother, Kathleen “Kathy” Mulholland of La Crosse; his siblings, Robert “Bob” Mulholland (Barbara Hanson); Ronald “Beav”(Jess) Mulholland Randall (Michelle) Mulholland; and one sister Amy Steinhoff; and his mother, Kathleen “Kathy” Mulhol (Brad Mashak). In addition, he is survived by his particular buddy Laura, in addition to a number of aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins.