Reginald Crane Obituary Troup County, Georgia, Reginald Crane Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Reginald Crane Obituary, Death – The body of a person who passed away from drowning has been recovered from the Chattahoochee River in Troup County. The person’s death was the result of drowning. On March 24, at 6:08 in the morning, deputies from the Troup County Sheriff’s Office and other first responders were dispatched to the area of Roanoke Road located close to the Chattahoochee River bridge in connection with a possible drowning. When the deputies arrived, they were advised that an adult man had been pulled out of the water and that two other adult males were attempting to do CPR on the victim.

They were also informed that the victim was an adult male. Adulthood was conferred upon the sufferer. Techniques for preserving life, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and others continued after emergency personnel arrived on the scene. The patient was transferred to WellStar West Georgia Medical Center, but he did not make it through his stay there and ultimately passed away from his injuries. It has been determined that the person who passed away was Reginald Crane, who was 58 years old and a resident of Atlanta. According to the first findings of the inquiry carried out by the sheriff’s office, it appears that Crane fell off his boat at some point and into the sea below.

Crane eventually ceased responding to the other two persons who were in the boat with him and became unconscious at some time during their attempts to pull him back into the boat. This occurred at some point throughout the incident.