Red Robinson Obituary, Vancouver DJ, TV personality has passed away at age 86

Red Robinson Obituary, Death – Red Robinson, who had been battling an illness for only a little period of time prior to his passing on Saturday, had only been sick for a short while. We are going to miss him very much, therefore our goodbyes to him are filled with a tremendous degree of sadness. We knew him best for the charitable work he did with Easter Seals, despite the fact that he was famous for his work as a rock-and-roll DJ, a TV personality, the head of an advertising agency, or a spokesperson.

Those are just some of the jobs he held. He worked with individuals who were handicapped and assisted them in leading lives that were more independent. Because to him presenting the Timmy’s Christmas Telethon for a total of 23 years, more than one hundred million dollars were raised, and he was able to make a positive influence on the lives of a great number of children and adults with disabilities as a consequence of his efforts.

In recognition of the relentless contributions he has made to the charitable community in British Columbia, he was presented with the Order of British Columbia as well as a floor in the Lions International Children’s building in the year 2016. Both of these honors were given to him in 2016. Both honors were bestowed upon him as a direct result of the job that he carried out during the course of the preceding year.

These honors have been conferred upon him in recognition of the contributions that he has made to the charitable community in the province, and they have been given to him as thanks. The fact that he decided to include us in his legacy is something for which we will be eternally thankful, and the fact that he brought so much love and compassion to the work that we do is an honor for us. We are extremely grateful that he included us in his will as executors of his legacy.