Randy Little Obituary, Randy Little Has Died – Death

Randy Little Obituary, Death – Randy Little, who had graduated in 1976, had died away on March 27th, 2023. This was the day that he had been laid to rest. His name was Randy C. Little, and he passed away on March 27, 2023, having lived in Rossville all of his life. He had reached the age of 65 at the time of his passing. After graduating from Rossville High School in 1976 and continuing his study at Walker Technical College, he eventually received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He completed his studies and earned an associate’s degree. When Randy was able to carve out some time for himself, he liked to watch sports on television and play golf.

Both of these pursuits ranked high on his list of preferred options. He appreciated the time he could spend with his loved ones, and in particular, he cherished the time he could give to his three grandkids. He placed a great value on the time he could spend with his loved ones. Randy Little’s parents, Carl Little and Elsie Tucker Brown, had passed away before he was born. The passing of Randy happened before those of the others. His stepmother Aurelia Little, his good friend Dewey Boyd, and Mary Samilo, who was both a close friend and a lover of his, are the only people who will be able to properly memorialize and cherish his memory after his passing.

He is survived by his son, Justin Little, who is married to Crystal; his brothers Ricky Little and Kenny Little, who is married to Becky; his sister Debbie Rogers, who is married to Jimmy Rogers; his grandchildren Wilder, Waverly, and Wilkin; and his grandchildren. In addition, he is survived by his grandchildren. Also, he leaves behind his grandkids after his passing.