Rafael Rodriguez Obituary, Retired United States Border Patrol Agent has passed away – Death

Rafael Rodriguez Obituary, Death – In light of the demise of one of our very own, we wanted to offer our most heartfelt sympathies to you and your family. Rafael “Ralph” Rodriguez, who was 66 years old and had retired from the United States Border Patrol, lost his long-running struggle with illness on March 26, 2023, and passed on the following day. Ralph made his initial report to the military on September 26, 1986 in Glynco, Georgia, in Class 202. This was his first day of duty. Ralph received his education at the military academy, and then moved on to work at the Mercedes Station after finishing his training there. After a period of time, he transferred his responsibilities to the McAllen Station, and he stayed there until the day he retired.

Throughout his time working for the organization, Ralph took an active role in its day-to-day operations and showed a great deal of concern for the health and happiness of his fellow workers. He was willing to assist in any capacity was necessary and offered his services. Ralph was stationed in Fort McClellan, Glynco, and Charleston during the time when he was given the opportunity to teach Spanish at the local school on many times. Further responsibilities included working with ATVs, VMOs, Sensors, and BORCAP in addition to serving as a Post-Academy Instructor and being sent on a detail to Minot, North Dakota. Ralph was a wonderful friend and mentor to many people, and they looked up to him as an example to follow in their own life.

Despite the fact that Ralph was born and raised in Puerto Rico, he, his wife Melody, and their two children made the decision to reside in Seguin, Texas after Ralph reached the age when he could retire. Melody was born and raised in Texas. A memorial service for Ralph that is held in private and is on a smaller scale will be held in his honor. They have asked that cards of sympathy be sent in their place in place of flowers from anybody who wishes to express their deepest condolences. His wife intends to keep the cards as a memorial to Ralph, so any tales or recollections that you have of Ralph that you could add to the card would be highly welcomed by her.