Rachel Wilson Obituary, Cajun musician “Rachel Robin” has passed away -Death

Rachel Wilson Obituary, Death – The unfortunate loss of yet another Cajun singer has left the staff and management here at KBON 101.1 in a state of mourning. The group representing Cajun musicians made the declaration. Rachel Robin, better known by her stage name Rachel Wilson, died abruptly this past weekend from cardiac arrest-related problems. She was a member of the band Rachel Wilson and Cajun Express. Rachel Wilson and Cajun Express was the band she was in. Rachel Wilson and Cajun Express was the name of the band she was a part of.

Her premature death has struck an unanticipated and devastating blow to the music industry. Rachel Wilson and the Cajun Express was a more well-known moniker for her band during this time period. Her loved ones would appreciate it if, at this extremely trying time, you would respect their need for privacy by keeping a respectful distance from them. They also asked that you not approach them, so please do so. They also ask that you not invade their privacy.

They’d be grateful if you respected their want for seclusion and recognized it as valid. Thank you so much. Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband Donovan and all of their children, grandchildren, friends, and fans who have been affected by this awful news. The family of Donovan is in everyone’s hearts and prayers. Everyone who holds them in high esteem and admiration is also in our prayers. Donovan’s friends and family members are also in our prayers at this time.

Also, please know that you and the rest of us will be thinking about and praying for her as she goes through this trying time. As we travel this path, she will remain in our hearts and prayers.
Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you, Rachel, for all that you have done to preserve the music and culture of the Cajun people. Please know how much I appreciate all the help you’ve given me in this area. Please accept my sincere appreciation for the time and effort you have put into this.