Pete Davidson Car accident, Pete Davidson crashed his car into a Beverly Hills Home

Pete Davidson Car accident – Pete Davidson is seen speaking with a police officer at the scene of the car accident that he caused in Beverly Hills, after he crashed his Mercedes into the side of a house while his girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders was also in the vehicle. The accident took place on Saturday night at approximately 11 p.m.

There were no injuries reported from anyone in the house or the vehicle. In the aftermath of the automobile accident that Pete Davidson was involved in on Saturday night in a residential area of Beverly Hills, police were seen having a conversation with him. As the former Saturday Night Live actor, now 29 years old, presented the officer with some paperwork, he maintained an air of composure and calmness.

Even though Davidson’s girlfriend, his co-star on the show Bodies Bodies Bodies, Chase Sui Wonders, was in the vehicle at the time of the accident, she was not photographed at the scene as Davidson dealt with the authorities. The police have determined that neither alcohol nor narcotics played a role in the collision.

The sleek gray automobile had deflated air bags that had deployed at the moment of the crash, and its glass was shattered across the passenger side, though it’s unclear if an object hit it or if it cracked from the force of the impact. The car had been in a rollover accident.

When emergency personnel had attended to the scene of the collision, the car driven by Davidson was pushed away from the house and into the street, which made the full amount of the damage visible. Because of the incident, the hood on the driver’s side of the vehicle had substantial dents, and it appeared that the bumper had also sustained significant damage.

It appeared that the side of the automobile as well as the wheel well had been damaged in some way. To remove the destroyed vehicle off the peaceful street, a tow truck was brought around to the side of the road. After Davidson’s car smashed into the house, a girl of 16 years old who has not been identified was reportedly at home reading a book at the time of the incident, as reported by TMZ.

According to what her father shared with the publication, at first she was under the impression that the trembling she felt was the consequence of an earthquake.

The homeowner stated that the accident took place outside of the house’s living room, and the force of the contact was sufficient to dislodge a window from its frame.