Peg Morgan Obituary, Peg Morgan has passed away unexpectedly, age 103 – Death

Peg Morgan Obituary, Death – We shall keep Peg Morgan, who passed away lately at the age of 103 and was formerly known as Peg Morgan O’Driscoll, in our thoughts. Peg Morgan was born in Peg Morgan O’Driscoll. Peg Morgan O’Driscoll was her given name at birth. During her lifetime, Peg Morgan was known by the name Peg Morgan O’Driscoll in addition to her birth name. Peg Morgan was able to continue to be known by her maiden name, Peg Morgan (née O’Driscoll), in addition to her current name, Peg Morgan. Peg Morgan (née O’Driscoll),

in addition to being known by her present name, Peg Morgan, was able to continue to be recognized by her maiden name after she married. Her married name is Peg Morgan. Her name is listed as Peg Morgan on the birth certificate that was issued to her. Her middle name is Morgan. During this challenging time, may the Lord be a source of consolation for her cherished daughters Peggy and Agatha, as well as for her nieces, nephews, grandnieces, grandnephews, great-grandnieces, great-grandnephews, relatives, and a huge number of friends and neighbors.

I pray that, at long last, she may be granted the tranquility and repose that she has deserved for all of eternity and may she rest in peace. St. Mary’s Church in Kilmurry McMahon will be the location for the wake and funeral service that will be place on Monday, April 3, for the individual who has passed away. The wake will begin at five o’clock in the evening, and the funeral service will last until seven o’clock. The funeral service is set to take place on Tuesday at eleven in the morning, and immediately following the mass,

the burial is going to take place at a cemetery that is situated somewhere in the surrounding area. On Tuesday, there will be a funeral service, and afterward, the deceased person’s body will be buried at a cemetery. It is highly recommended that you go ahead and check out this particular Facebook page because it allows users to see the entire Mass there.