Pearlie Barton Obituary, Pearlie Barton has passed away suddenly

Pearlie Barton Obituary, Death – We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Ms. Pearlie “Diane” Barton, a close friend of ours who will be sorely missed by everyone who knew her. It is with a heavy heart that we do so. The kindheartedness and generosity of Ms. Barton will live on in our memories. The Lighthouse Foundation is in the deepest conceivable gratitude to Ms. Diane as a result of the enormous donations that she has made to the organization over the years. Ms.

Diane was a part of it in 1995, when it was in its infancy, when we were just getting began and when we were just getting begun, despite the fact that it was in its infancy at the time. For the course of twenty-five years, Ms. Barton was an essential component of both our after-school tutoring program and our Lighthouse Toy Store. She saw it through with the most fervent energy and unwavering commitment that anyone could possibly muster. Over the entirety of that time period,

she demonstrated to the numerous children who lived in our neighborhood that she loved and cared for them in a genuine manner by demonstrating to those children that she loved and cared for them. As a sign of gratitude for the selfless effort that she has performed over the course of the years, she was presented with the Margaret Dennie Award for Volunteer of the Year in 2021. This award was given in her honor. It was a blessing to have her as a part of all of our lives because of the compassion and vigor with which she attended to the necessities of other people.

That is something that will forever have our gratitude. These qualities were identified as belonging to her and assigned to her. During this difficult time, she and her family are in both our thoughts and prayers. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Please be assured that we are keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. As a result of her passing, each individual will feel the loss of a loved one in their own unique way. On the first Monday of April 2023, at one o’clock in the afternoon, a memorial ceremony will be conducted in honor of Ms. Dianne. This time and date have been decided upon.