Paul Stanley Schmidt Stabbed to death in Vancouver while protecting his daughter

Paul Stanley Schmidt Obituary, Death – A man who is now facing a charge of murder is accused of stabbing to death a father of three who was 37 years old at a Starbucks in Vancouver in front of his wife and their little daughter. The man is currently facing the accusation of murder. According to the victim’s mother, Paul Stanley Schmidt was attacked at the coffee shop on the corner of Pender and Granville streets after he requested a man not to smoke near his three-year-old daughter.

The incident took place after Paul Stanley Schmidt asked the man not to smoke near his daughter. At the time of the assault, the victim’s daughter was present at the scene. In response to what happened place, Kathy Schmidt stated, “What took place is entirely and utterly wrong.” She extended her explanation by saying, “He was merely wanting to safeguard his daughter.” “I’m angry and I’m sad.”

Mr. Schmidt suffered life-threatening injuries after being assaulted by another man on the terrace of the cafe. He died after being taken to hospital. It is not thought that the suspect has any link to the victim’s father in any manner, shape, or form. The event that took place on Sunday at 5.40 o’clock in the afternoon was the time. Mr. Schmidt can be seen clutching his stomach in distressing footage of the assault before he goes to the ground and appears to lose consciousness.

The footage shows Mr. Schmidt just before the assault. This takes place before he loses consciousness. It is possible to see a substantial amount of blood on the ground where the incident occurred. The suspect, whose name has been made public by the authorities and who is 32 years old, was apprehended on Sunday at the scene of the crime, and he has been charged with murder in the second degree following his detention there.

The police report states that the violent incident took place “after a brief dispute” between the two parties. On the 11th of April, Mr. Gosal is set to appear in court about the matter at hand.