Patricia Bray Obituary Bewdley, England, Patricia Bray Has Died

Patricia Bray Obituary, Death – It has been brought to my knowledge that on the 27th of this month, a remarkable educator who was also a dear friend of mine named Patricia Bray passed away. She served as both the President and Chief Executive Officer of The People’s Spiritualist Church in Stourport during her tenure there.
If I were ever given the chance to talk about her legacy, I would have many things to say, but if I had to choose just one word to describe everything she represented, that word would be LOVE.

If I ever get the chance to discuss her legacy, I will certainly have a lot of things to say about it. Because of everything you’ve done for both our family and for us, we are extremely grateful to you. I am appreciative that you were there for my mother when she needed you and that you imparted some of your knowledge to her.

I am thankful to you for supporting me in every way possible at all times. Angels that are both special and knowledgeable, may you rest in peace. You are loved by each and every person.
Thank you very much, Trish.