Palmer Candy Explosion, Two killed, five Missing in Chocolate Factory Explosion

Palmer Candy Explosion, Two killed, five Missing in Chocolate Factory Explosion in Berks County. The mayor of West Reading, Samantha Kaag, and the chief of police, Wayne Holben, made the announcement on Saturday that a living individual had been located overnight. “The finding of life overnight. gives optimism that further forms of life may yet be discovered. The rescue crews are continuing their efforts to search the region exhaustively, making use of specialized gear and methods in order to look for indications of life “Holben stated.

There are still five individuals that have not been found. According to Kaag, there have been two fatalities thus far. There were eight persons hurt in the incident. “I would want to thank everyone for their patience and support during this difficult period. It is an honor to serve as your mayor, as I have a great deal of pride not just in our town but also in Berks County and in West Reading. We are in this together as a team, “Kaag stated. ┬áPEMA had claimed that the death toll had risen to 5 on Saturday morning, but Kaag indicated the figure was not true. Kaag said that the number was really closer to 4.

Residents of West Reading who are looking for information on the incident may contact the West Reading Police Department at 610-373-0111, as directed by the borough authorities of West Reading. Kaag said that she has begun the process of acquiring more resources to help with the search and rescue effort. She said, “I declared a declaration of emergency this morning at roughly one in the morning in order to assemble resources for the catastrophe that occurred with our house.” “I would want to address the citizens of the borough personally about their worries about the town’s safety.

This statement serves just the purpose of gaining access to additional resources for first responders already on the site. The search and rescue operations are continuing to make progress.” In the first block of South Second Avenue, crews are still there and working the site. It is not possible to access West Reading through Penn Avenue at this time. Authorities have said that there is no threat to the general public at this time; nonetheless, they have requested that people stay away from the explosion site and any location within a block of it. Paola Tristan-Arruda from WGAL is currently reporting on this topic from West Reading. The footage that can be seen below was filmed by her on Saturday afternoon. Keep an ear out for her reporting on WGAL, both on air and online.