Myles Pauquette car accident New York, Myles Pauquette has died tragically

Myles Pauquette Death, Obituary – Myles Pauquette of Missouri, Ohio passed away in Norwood Hospital on February 4, 2023.. Before he was born on February 4, 1933, in Fall River, Massachusetts, both of his parents, Omer J. and Alice E. Paquette, had died. Charles grew up in Fall River, Massachusetts, before his family moved to Springfield, Massachusetts. He went to school there and graduated with the class of 1952 from Springfield Technical High School.

Charles no longer works. Charles was happy to serve his country by joining the U.S. Navy after he got his diploma. He was sent to the Korean Theater of Operations. He was stationed at the Transmitter Station, which was three miles from the Anacostia Naval Air Station. This was just outside the city of Washington, D.C.

In 1954, when Charles was stationed in Washington, DC, he went to the Glen Echo Amusement Park in Maryland, where he met Joan D. Kukowski, who would later become his wife. The fact that they got married on January 15, 1955, shows that it was love at first sight. After Charles finished his job in Washington, DC, he was told to report for duty on the USS Samoset. He would spend the next year at sea.

During his time in the Navy, he worked his way up to the rank of First Class Petty Officer. In February 1957, he was let go with honor. Charles and Joan decided to move to Massachusetts, and they chose the town of Wellesley Hills as their first home together as civilians. Charles got a job as a Junior Engineer at Raytheon not long after they moved there.

During his time at Raytheon, Charles went to Boston’s Lincoln Institute at Northeastern University and got an associate’s degree in electronics engineering. He got this degree at the same time he worked at Raytheon. After Charles got his diploma in 1961, he went right to work for Sylvania Electronics Systems (GTE), where he eventually became a senior specifications engineer.

Charles, who put a lot of value on education, decided to improve his career by taking night classes at Northeastern University in the field of industrial technology. He moved his young family to the house they had just bought on Union Street in East Walpole. He raised all five of his kids there.

In 1967, Charles went back to work for Raytheon in the specifications engineering department in Bedford, Massachusetts. He lived there until 1974, when he went back to work for GTE Sylvania. During his time at GTE, Charles got a job as a programmer and analyst at Stone and Webster Engineering in Boston, where he stayed until 1986.

After that, he got his first contract job with Honeywell, where he was in charge of making manuals for making sure products were good. He was also an important part of the team that helped many different organizations get ready for the turn of the century. In March of 1999, Charles gave up his job for good.