Motorcycle accident Mooresville NC, Riders involved in 1-150 crash

Motorcycle accident Mooresville NC – According to the Iredell County police, a motorcycle accident that took place on Tuesday evening in the county resulted in one person receiving injuries and another person losing their life. The Mooresville Police Department reports that the sad collision took place on West Iredell Avenue at approximately 7:11 p.m. West Iredell Avenue is situated in close proximity to the intersection of North Academy Street.

When the authorities arrived at the site, they discovered that a vehicle and a motorcycle had been involved in a collision with one another. Theescha Renea Proctor, who was a passenger on the motorcycle, could not make it through the collision and tragically passed away at the site as a direct result of the injuries that she sustained as a result of the collision.

After the collision, the rider of the motorcycle was brought to Lake Norman Regional Medical Center to receive treatment for injuries received as a result of the incident. It is now believed that the injuries sustained by the driver are not likely to result in the driver’s death.

At this moment, the circumstances that led up to the crash are still the subject of an inquiry.