Monica Bartolatz-Sawyer Obituary, Chief Foodie and Foraging Officer, Monica Sawyer Has Died

Monica Bartolatz-Sawyer Obituary, Death – Monica Bartolatz-Sawyer was our mother, wife, and closest friend in addition to serving as our CFFO, or Chief Foodie and Foraging Officer. It is with a very heavy and broken heart that the Just the Tips family is devastated to announce her departure. She will be greatly missed. Because Monica was the courageous heart, soul, and irresistible force of nature behind The Tips, the future of Just the Tips is questionable.

As you are all aware, Monica was the driving force behind The Tips. Just the Tips will be taken offline for the indefinite future. We are grateful for your thoughtfulness and tolerance throughout these string of unfortunate events that have befallen our family. OH NO!!! Monica!!! I always looked forward to going to your green hut and spending time in your warm and inviting kitchen. My impression was that we had a warm and fuzzy connection, and we frequently updated one another on the goings-on in our respective lives.

No one ever told me that I wasn’t exceptional, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Monica was just like everyone else. Your heart was tremendously large. I will never get used to not popping in to visit you, but I promise to always think of you whenever I make WAP (that has to make you laugh even all the way UP there). You and your family have my deepest and most sincere affection. I am really sorry for the loss you have suffered. I appreciated reading her writings and her excitement for excellent, nutritious cuisine. She contributed to the improvement of our community with her presence and the culinary abilities she possessed. Continuing to keep everyone of you in my prayers.