Michael Miceli Obituary Westford, MA, Michael Miceli Has Sadly Died In A Car Accident

Michael Miceli Obituary, Death – Michael Miceli, who had most recently been lived in Westford, Massachusetts but had previously been a resident of Cambridge, died on April 9, 2023, as a direct consequence of issues caused by Covid19. He was a resident of Westford. His late parents, Salvatore “Sonny” Miceli and Josephine (Guzzetti) Miceli, raised him as a loving son.

His parents died before he was born. Both his mother and father died before he was born. His parents have both passed over to the other side. Patricia Hanna and the late Robert Hanna, both of Watertown, as well as Marie Fratto and her husband Robert, who used to live in Cambridge; Patricia Hanna and the late Robert Hanna; and Patricia Hanna and the late Robert Hanna.

Respected brother of Patricia Hanna of Watertown and the late Robert Hanna of Watertown. Michael joined in the Navy and carried out his obligations as a member of the armed services with dignity and conviction. He worked for both the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and Harvard University, where he was a resident student counselor.

He also worked for the Department of Public Health in Massachusetts. He had previously worked at the Cronkite Graduate Center at Harvard University, among other places. His most recent post was at the Mount Auburn Club, where he worked for a long time. He previously worked at another firm. While working as a member of Satigata, a Buddhist-oriented music ensemble, Michael dedicated a large amount of time and energy to the growth of the Buddhist community.

Satigata was a Buddhist-influenced band that performed music. Michael will be greatly missed by all of us since he brought pleasure into the lives of each and every one of us. Despite the fact that Michael is survived by a huge number of adoring nieces, nephews, cousins, and close friends, his aunt Sarah Falese’s legacy is of the highest importance.