Marti Oakley Obituary, Member Of Australian Guardianship Group Has Sadly Passed Away

Marti Oakley Obituary, Death – Marti Oakley was not only a close friend of mine but also a coworker at the organization where I now hold a position. It is with deep sorrow that I must notify you of her passing since she was not just a friend but also a colleague. Please accept my deepest condolences on the death of your loved one. Marti was a terrific companion and guide for a vast number of folks in Australia, and that number includes all of us here at AASGAA.

Marti was an indispensable member of the local community in Australia (the Australian guardianship organisation aligned with Marti Oakley). The news of Marti’s demise will leave everyone who works in the area of guardianship, no matter where in the world they are located, with a profound feeling of loss and a profound sense of regret for her passing. This is because Marti worked in the profession for so many years.

Marti Oakley was a powerful adversary in the field of social action despite the fact that she was just five feet tall. She was a formidable opponent who demanded respect. She was a supporter of a broad variety of causes, including adult guardianship, hospice care, whistleblowers, renal dialysis, black farmers, wild horses, and animals, to name a few. Also, she had a soft spot for critters.

She started her work in the area of podcasting many years before podcasts were popular with the general public, which made her a pioneer in the sector. She was able to debate and throw some light on a broad variety of social topics by means of the podcast that she aired on the TS Radio Network.

This helped her to draw notice to the subject. She was a trailblazer in the podcasting industry, since she was one of the first people to embrace the medium while it was in its infancy. It was noted in the most recent edition of the PPJ Gazette that in addition to being an avid reader, she was also a prolific writer. This complements her already impressive set of skills.